Friday, April 3, 2009

FINALLY ! ! ! Tech Task 11.

I used ANIMOTO to create a 30 second video story about a bottle of Coke being attacked by a monkey. I love the effect of the finished product, but it took me almost 2 hours. I could make a better analysis of the site if I was able to use better internet. Downloading images and audio took the most time, and every download seemed to cancel at least once. The site was very simple to use, and I could teacher someone elso how to use it easily. The final product definitely looks more professional then anything I could make on my own, say using PowerPoint.

You could use this site in the classroom to let students build their own stories. You could provide them with a digital camera, or there was an option to use the pictures already on the site. There's also the option of using your music or music from the site.

At the end I had the option to remix the video, upload it to YouTube, or put it onto my iPhone, I don't have an iPhone. The ANIMOTO site knows where its users are going with their videos, and they make it simple to transfer them.

I would give the ANIMOTO site an 9 / 10.

Click HERE to see my video.

I also used One True Media. This site was very simple and easy to use, but I found if you wanted to use better effects in your story you had to pay for them. Like Animoto, One True Media allowed me to publish my video to YouTube. Uploading pictures was again very time consuming, but I'd like to use both these sites once I get home. I think I'll use one of these story telling web sites to make a presentation of all the things I've done on my trip. Click HERE to see my One True Media video. I liked this site because it didn't create a set length, like Animoto. When using Animoto I lost three of my pictures becuase the video could only be 30 seconds long.

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