Tuesday, April 7, 2009

US Students Project.

Did You Know?

We are doing a collaborative project with students in Malaysia. Mr. Jackson, our mentor teacher is working with them. We need to make a video entitled, “Did you know?” about our culture. What are some interesting things about our lives and where we live? It may be more difficult than you think! Often, we are so familiar with our surroundings that we don’t know what would seem weird to someone across the world. In order to look at our own lives more clearly, we are going to study it as a geographer would. Do you remember studying that way back in September?

We will use the 5 themes of Geography:



Human-environment interaction




Each group will study an aspect of life here using those 5 themes. You will do research and will come up with some interesting facts about your topic. You must find at least 5 facts for each theme. From the list you have, we will make a video just like the one Mr. Jackson sent to us for the students in Singapore. Each group will need to take photos to put in the video.


School Life

Social Life


United States


Tuesday: Each student will find at least 3 facts from each category. You may come up with one from each category from stuff you already know, but you must research to find the other two.

Wednesday: Groups meet to decide which facts to use. Decide what would make good photos to use. Take photos if possible.

Thursday: Start making videos. Students from Mrs. Dawson’s Digital Film Editing Class will be helping us.


You will be graded in the following manner:

Group Work Rubric: 21 points

Research: 20 points

Video Rubric: 20 points

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