Friday, March 27, 2009

Tech Task #12, ( A Good Video? )

Well, I was watching MTV a couple nights ago and thinking about this Tech Task, I don't know why. They were showing throwback music videos from the '90s. I enjoyed it for a while, then realized how bad the videos actually were, well compared to the ones of today. It's cleat that artists are spending more and more on their videos, and so I thought... Why Not? Let's see if these new aged videos incorporate the same elements we talked about in class of "What Makes A Good Video"

I YouTubed for a while, and decided to check out the Much Music countdown and make my review on whatever the #1 was. Turned out to be Danny Fernandes... Never heard of him. and the song Fantasy.

- The producer used lots of different shots and angles in this video. Almost too many.
- I liked how the video was telling a story as well as showing shots of the artist.
- They used different colours in the shots. Black & White when it was just him, then colours, Yellow & Gold, when there were shots of him with the girl.
- The video definitely looks better then the one's I was watching the other night.

- Well I didn't like the song, reminded me a little to much of Craig David.
- I think there were almost too many shot and angles used in this video.
- And I didn't like his hat.


  1. I agree with you Eric... it's almost too busy!

  2. Hey Eric, good pick in terms of shots and angles, but I agree it was a little busy... but then, what music videos aren't nowadays? I haven't watched MuchMusic in a while, but I definietly remember the fast-paced camerawork.

  3. Bahaha!His hat definitely ruins this video (the song helped a bit too)