Monday, March 23, 2009

Tech Task #14 ( PODCASTS ! )

I only wish I knew about Podcasts as soon as I got to Malaysia. I found my favourite show, PTI, on iTunes list of Podcasts. PTI, Pardon The Interruption, is a sports talk show where two guys argue about current sports topics. I found out that Terrell Owens plays for Buffalo now, and I have listened to them discuss all about the NCAA tournament. I downloaded 6 episodes as soon as I found them, then listened to them all night.

I also found an Educational Podcast about photography. I chose this one because I've been taking so many pictures since I've been over here I was thinking how great some of them could have been if I knew what I was doing with a camera. This podcast gives some tips and tricks to photography. It also teaches how to build your own frame and cut glass for your photo, something I never thought about doing before. There were many other Podcasts that I was interested in, and I won't hesitate to use Podcasts as resources in the future.

To get full episodes of ESPN'S PTI, click HERE. You can also find Around the Horn, and The Bill Simmons Report, both are sports talk shows. Bill Simmons is a huge Red Sox & Celtics fan and always has celebrity guests.


  1. Oh man! Another PTI fan?! Terrible lol. I was forced to watch it every day at 4:30 Monday-Friday! Trust me, you weren't missing much :P haha :)

  2. Eric,
    Can you add links to your podcasts?