Monday, March 2, 2009

Penang War Museum

Saturday morning I went with a group of English students to an outdoor war museum in Batu Maung. This was a base camp used by the British during WWII, it was later taken over by the Chinese.

We saw were prisoners were kept, toucher chambers, ammunition rooms, meeting rooms, we even climbed through underground tunnels that were used as escape exits (top picture).

The museum was all outdoors, and no one has tried to recreate any of the scenes. The way I saw it was the way it was in 1939.


  1. dragon bor paladin of bahmutMarch 5, 2009 at 11:47 AM

    war museum look at that turret man you could shoot down a stealth bomber look at those i have when back in my home place dude

  2. hey it is effa i love the pix that you took i love to take pix too. my dad got my a nickon D60 for my B-day. :) taking pix is one of my fav things to do. when im bored i love to just take pix of enything around me one time i was with one of my friends at her tennis practice and a tennis ball rolled up to me and i got an awsone pic of it i will post it on my blog to show you, but any who how is malasha, remember how you where talking about the tolits there well i have 2 Q's for you 1 is that, are the tolits there a hole and you have to squat? "squats" and 2nd what do they use as tolit paper? tell i have to go back to study hall but i with talke to you later bye :) :) :)

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