Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Same Video From YouTube

Hey, And here's the same video. But I figured out how to get it from YouTube. It really is amazing.

Maybe I'll make a video on the steps to solve the Rubiks cube for those of you who want to learn... But then you'd know my secret. & it's not peeling the stickers off.


  1. I peeled the stickers off mine.

  2. Wow - talent right there. Please share your rubics cube secrets with me! So i am taking elang 326 this semester and it is teaching english as a second language. I am absolutely loving the amount of knowing that I am learning about cultural differences and BICS and CALP. I had no idea the vast differences between cultures; when I was listening to your movie, I picked up on a few: no toilet paper (ahhhhhh!), spicey food (that could be a bad combo with no toilet paper), etc. I hope that you are learning a lot over there and taking in as much as you possibly can - just think of the amount of knowledge you will be able to share with your students!
    On a different and kind of creepy note, did you ever work at spare parts in cornwall?
    Take care over there, Eric,