Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tech Task 8. TED (Technology. Entertainment and Design)

Reed Kroloff : Architecture, modern and romantic

Reed Kroloff describes architecture as the built form of our cultural ambitions. He wants us to think about architecture in a different way. He want us to see what we build as a sign of what we want and the ambitions we hold. An example he uses is making a custom house with all one of a kind pieces components and compare that to a cookie cutter house where an architect will manufacture 50 houses all the same. Why do we make 50 houses all the same ? Because it is cheaper to build 50 houses the same then 50 houses that are all different. We are capable of making 50 different houses, but we're lazy.

He also uses many examples from restaurants and explains that our surrounding's can make us feel good in places where we might not, therefore architecture provides us with feelings (ie. comfort) and entertainment.

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