Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting Started "Traveling Through the Dark"


"This presentation examines how to get started using educational technology through metaphorical analysis of William Stafford’s poem, Traveling Through The Dark. He looks at the obstacles teacher’s face, the process of implementing technology into the classroom, and the role that others can play in the process." (K12 Conference)

This is a presentation by Steven Kimmi. Steven talks about his feelings after his students had completed their state tests (a standardized test). Even though the preliminary results showed all his students passing, he didn't feel good about the situation. He said his instruction lacked excitement, and he couldn't find ways to engage his students. He wasn't happy with himself as a teacher.

He knew he needed to make a change to his teaching, he needed to implement technology into his class, he had to light a fire in his students. He realized that the world is changing, and it's easy to pick the easy way and be a teacher who doesn't change with the times, but he later says if you don't change you'll be lost.

At the end of his presentation he realized that its not about the end point, it's about everything that happens along the way. The journey is when the learning takes place, and you can't teach to a test.

"The best teachers don't expect kids to learn the way they teach. The best teachers teach the way kids learn" Dr. Pedro Noguera

He also mentioned http://edtechtalk.com/


I agree with Steven's presentation. As a teacher you need to keep up with the world around you, that's changing everyday. By using technology in your classroom you will find it easier to engage your students. Teachers need to use blogging, pod casts, and videos in their classrooms to support their teaching. Children get excited about using technology, I've seen it in classes I've worked in. Teacher's need to be more concerned about how their students learn, because every student learns differently, and they need to teach to the student not the test.

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  1. Thanks Eric, for watching and sharing. I would want to clarify one of the statements you have made, as it has become something within my own school thatI am trying to get rid of...the thought that I believe that you have to implement technology to engage students. There are many ways to engage students, technology is not the only route. However, technology is of much relevance to our student body today.